In the month of June, we raise awareness for our PTSD-affected patients and community members. Exercise, journaling, and mindfulness are all coping strategies to utilize to deal with your distress.

Having PTSD does not equal “being crazy” and there should not be a shame to it. Let’s break the stigma! The reality is that we are all humans who go through hardships that mark us and define us. Previous traumas, lack of support, or life stressors like the decline in health or in your finances are all factors that weigh in.

Clinicians have come to the conclusion that PTSD symptoms might not look the same in children as they do in adults, though. In some, it may look like a reenactment of the trauma in play or in drawings. In teenagers, however, traumatic reenactment is very common and it’s a practice in which they incorporate aspects of the trauma into their everyday lives.

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