Everyone deals with loss, whether it be a loved one, friend, or even a longtime pet. Nothing is worse than losing and missing someone during the holidays. Family is a key theme of the holidays, and losing a family member makes it difficult. Every person and every family deals with grief – moving on is hard to do.

Here are some ways to help you with grieving during the holiday season!

  1. Start A New Tradition: light a candle at the dinner table or say a few words about the departed. This will help everyone in remembrance. Telling stories and passing anecdotes about someone will be a great way to let every one reflect on the person who is gone.
  2. Change The Celebration: Go out to dinner, schedule a trip, and do something exciting. Doing something fresh will give you an opportunity to experience something new and bring joy into your life. Bringing family and friends along will make this even better.
  3. Express Yourself: It’s important that you don’t keep your emotions bottled up. Talk to someone. Whether it be a friend or family member, let your feelings show. You can also speak to one of our professional counselors here at Journeys in Mental Health & Wellness.
  4. Help Someone Else: Being a part of someone else’s life is an excellent way to overcome the grief of loss. From volunteering with charitable organizations to helping a friend, to even giving to a homeless person, being present for someone else is a great feeling that will help.
  5. Give Yourself Time: Dealing with grief takes time. It won’t go away overnight. Do not rush yourself, allow your mind to overcome what has happened. You will feel better, in time. The pain will always become easier to handle.

If you’re in need this holiday season, please reach out to us here. We’re here to help with what ails you.

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