Discover Your Cognitive Strengths!

Are you curious about your cognitive abilities? Want to understand your strengths and areas for improvement?
Our Sample Comprehensive Cognitive Assessment is designed to give you insights into your brain’s capabilities in various domains.

Why Take This Assessment?

Your Cognitive Potential

Creyos is an online brain health assessment platform that measures cognitive function through a series of tasks and questionnaires.

Brain Health Assessments

The platform is designed to be user-friendly and engaging, with gamified tasks that are linked to specific brain regions. 

Convenient Remote Access

Patients can complete the assessments remotely and with minimal supervision on a tablet, desktop, or laptop.

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Our Approach to Cognitive Health Assessments with Creyos

Many patients experience anxiety about health tests, so it’s important for us to review and discuss their results thoroughly and outline the next steps. Here’s how we ensure a supportive and informative process:

  • Reviewing Results Together: We sit down with each patient to go over their results in detail. Our goal is to ensure they understand their cognitive profile and what the results mean for their health.
  • Establishing Criteria for Concerns: Every healthcare provider in our practice uses their professional training and contextual information about each patient to determine when to raise concerns. This personalized approach ensures that each patient receives the most relevant and appropriate care.
  • Interpreting Trends and Tracking Progress: The interpretation of cognitive trends and progress depends on each patient’s objectives:
  • Maintaining Brain Health: If the goal is to maintain brain health, then a lack of change in results is a positive sign.
  • Demonstrating Recovery: If the goal is to recover from a cognitive issue, then significant improvement in results is a key indicator of success.
  • Discussing Serious Diagnoses: When more serious diagnoses need to be discussed, we ensure the news is delivered in a patient-centered manner:
  • Identifying Personhood, Life Goals, and Care Preferences: We take the time to understand each patient’s unique identity, aspirations, and preferences for care.
  • Setting Expectations: We inform the patient and their care team about what to expect over time.
  • Providing Support: We offer ways to respond to new changes in a manner that aims to increase quality of life.

Discover Your Cognitive Strengths!

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